Hey there, here's the first ever lightroom preset pack you can buy from me.

This 5 Pack Preset Pack comes with 5 Versatile Lightroom Presets you can use in your photos to take your photo game to the next level ! 

I've personally been using these 5 for a lot of time now and everytime there's a query to how a picture was color corrected, I didn't have a solid answer. But now here they are !


Each one of these presets by itself are really versatile !

Preset 1 - Being aimed towards night street photography, this enchances your photos to make it look better in just a tap !

Preset 2 - Being aimed at indoor photography, this enhances any photo which needs a touch of jaz to its look !

Preset 3 - Being aimed at Nature Photography, this enhances any sky related images with a tint of teal and also goes really well with colors of yellow and even aesthetic building photos !

Preset 4 - Being aimed at Street photos, this enhances any well lit image to have an aesthetic green tint and an immersively luminous red shades !

Preset 5 - Being aimed at human subject, this enhances any human subject based images to have a pop and tints certain shades to look aesthetically pleasing !


Precaution : All of these presets has been developed and tested on various photographs both shot by myself and for free from use on the internet. But sorry to break your bubble,this doesn't mean it will suit/make better any image like magic. Every preset has its use and if needed to be made better there's always your extra corrections in Lightroom Desktop Classic CC to correct this !


Hope you have fun with these :D

Lightroom Preset Pack V.1 (Desktop)

  • This version of the presets are exclusively in XMP format for desktop use. If you're looking for the mobile version, do take a look at the other one in the product page

  • Yes. For this, you'd have to message me personally on either twitter/instagram on @sudeepsd_ and then the transaction shall take place for just one preset.

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